Albert Jalipot

Digital Marketing Manager

A little about me

With a dash of Mark Zuckerberg and large pinch of creativity, Albert is in charge of Duet’s digital first impression. A self-confessed analytics nerd, he knows exactly how to press the buttons in the right order to make sure our clients get maximum exposure.

Constantly combing the web for new ideas and the next ‘big thing’ Albert is always one step ahead, making sure that DUET is leading the Perth property pack for all things ‘techy’ and innovative.

A sharp dressed man, he is not only tech forward, but fashion forward as well. With a background in design and fashion, his creations have graced the catwalks and have given him a unique and artistic flair that is now extending into the digital world.

And did we mention a killer smile?

Favourite Quote: “Without hustle, your talent will only get you so far”


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